Basic Series


Cubitac cabinets are crafted from high-quality, globally sourced materials. They have decades of building experience and deliver quality products sturdy enough to become heirlooms. Their team of cabinet artists practices their craft in Ridgefield, NJ. We work closely with their team to bride the gap between craftsmanship and consumer, to ensure a seamless experience for you.

Cubitac cabinets are primarily made for kitchens, as their makers strongly feel and have always felt that the kitchen is the most important part of any home. Food brings people together and kitchens should be warm, welcoming, and comforting. With their high level of workmanship and quality, Cubitac welcomes custom orders. Their cabinets are built with birchwood and each piece of wood is inspected by hand. Before this wood is used, it is processed over nine times for quality and beautification. This results in stunning, grain-rich wood with superior finish and resilience.